The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online...
There is a refined set of Success Code Protocols used by the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet to accelerate success.

Whether you're a veteran entrepreneur or wanting to get your business started...

Now’s YOUR TURN to activate these codes for a success-from-the-heart business, which offers congruent, authentic (non-manipulative) approaches to business and marketing... AND generates BIG money...
Revealed: Activating Your Success Code Protocols For Instant & ACCELERATED Success...
Let Jennifer McLean Guide You Through The Living Your Success Signature Business Home Study Video Coaching Program
Creating Income, Impact & Sustainable Success
Dear Current and Aspiring Superstar Entrepreneurs,

I’m ridiculously excited at this next, special step you are taking on your journey to change the world through your important genius and gifts.

I can feel your heart leaping out of your chest at just the thought of bringing your special talents, abilities, products, services, and message into the world -- and generating HUGE income in the process.

Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or someone who’s been waiting on the sidelines for the right opportunity to shine your light…


I have been waiting for YOU.

You are about to step into the 10-Module Living Your Success Signature Business Home Study Video Coaching Program.
Living Your Success Signature Video Coaching Home Study Program
This program was designed to activate your Success Signature Codes and initiate the acceleration of your genius and gifts through your business.

Once activated, you are able to access strategies and tactics that are uniquely yours, that have your “signature” of brilliance stamped upon them, and also activate the depths of your innovation and creativity.

You will also be guided to execute sound and proven business strategies, creating a practical framework of authentic marketing which delivers your Success Signature-driven products and services into the world.

These codes will guide you to bring in WAY more income AND make a difference, doing so with renewed confidence, a sense of knowing and wisdom that creates an unstoppable momentum.

These protocols also create a new paradigm in business I call Business-From-The-Heart. 

Meaning your heart contributes to the heart of your customers and the heart of the world...
Your "Business-From-The-Heart” Solution: The Proven Transformational FORMULA To Take YOUR Ideas, Your GIFTS To An Eager Audience For An Impactful, Connected, Thriving Business
This Is For Those Just Starting AND For Veteran Entrepreneurs...
This program and these Success Signature Codes are for the individuals who are ready to FINALLY start getting their ideas and dreams into the world with a real business.

It’s for those who are ready to transition out of heavy, soul-crushing jobs and into a business that you get to run on your terms, in your way, on your schedule.

And it is ALSO for the business owner who is ready to go to the next level...

Ready to take your business to a whole new volume of success, whether it’s the top of 6 figures or mid to high 7 figures, and/or a huge influx of new customers.

You might be asking, “How is it possible that this program is for those just starting out as well as veteran entrepreneurs?”

Well, it’s because of this amazing secret sauce we call your “Success Signature.”

The deeply personal, uniquely-to-you Success Signature Codes are your calling card, which contains all that your soul brought to this planet to play with.

Remember: I'm about to show you how to take these hidden Success Signature Codes and EXPLODE them into your life and business... 

To now know EXACTLY what your next step is while creating an acceleration in your business AND a sense of ease in the process (not to mention a HUGE INFLUX of cash).

WHILE making THE difference from your business-from-the-heart.
The Success Signature Codes are Your Unique Signature of:
Your Purpose - what you are here to do, how you are going to make THE difference
Your Potentiality - the plan you have to share YOU and your unique purpose to change lives
Your Abundance - that pure place of creation, innovation and manifestation which you came to express, and generate wealth through all its aspects and qualities
And that’s why it works for EVERYONE… no matter where you are in your business.

This is the signature of YOU, that, once activated, allows you to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, which tactics and strategies are singularly for YOU and YOUR business.

You will know and understand inherently which products, which approach, even which branding will work perfectly just for you, your audience and your message.

Your clarity is off the charts, you can really see what’s next and respond with ease.

You will see clearly the actions to take for yielding the best results most efficiently.

The Success Signature Codes ignited through the modules of this program are what the MOST successful business owners use to create massive and accelerated success (even if they don’t know they're using them).

So, it works if you're just starting OR if you’ve been at this for a while.
Finally stopping the soul-crushing to-do list and “trying to figure it out” and, instead, moving from a place of pure guidance.

...Truly KNOWING with confidence what your first, then next step, next product, and strategy is.

Being able to access the best marketing you need, when you need it, to reach your audience in a way that is so obvious... it simply falls out of you.

You can now see traffic and audience-driving tactics that will create real customers... 
And it all comes from your activated capacity 
to access your unique gifts and brilliance, and you now
know how to access & apply your genius...
Your Personal Success Signature is your powerful, intuitive and astute guide to KNOWING how to reach your audience in an authentic way.

Your marketing becomes an elegant, non-threatening conversation of safety…

That rolls out with a sense of grace AND that resonates so deeply, your potential customers will know you are meant for them.

You become a haven of trust… and it’s REAL.

Your customers, as a result, will flock to you because they feel safe with you.

That trust is partly why the acceleration happens… your customers are tapping into the authentic “Success Signature you” and they are responding to THAT deeper part.

As a result, they invest in your products MUCH faster; they say “yes” to you immediately.

The Living Your Success Signature Online Video Coaching Program introduces you to YOU, to the deepest recesses of you as your wisdom, creativity, knowledge and more…

You’re about to flourish with a level of confidence and power to simply thrive.
You Are Important… Your Success Signature Genius Is About To Be ACTIVATED Into The World…
The reality is, you are an amazing, powerful individual with incredible value to contribute to the planet. 

You are important. 

You are here for a reason, and the world needs your unique brand of genius.

Now is your time to experience freedom and abundance by fully expressing your purpose.

And, right now. you have the opportunity to access the genius and gifts of your Success Signature.

You have a chance to ignite this power within to discover a true sense of fulfillment which creates an accelerated quickening to your business and success.

YES!! I will actually ACTIVATE your Success Signature right off the bat in Module 1!

And, once that happens, you then have permanent access to the wellspring of your own brilliance…
  • So you know EXACTLY what to do next
  • You know the sequence of what’s to be done and when
  • You clearly see the to-do's, the strategies, and when to take action
Yep, the stress & overwhelm of NOT KNOWING Is over.
Leverage my two decades as a millionaire-maker 
business strategist AND 10 years as CEO of my 
25 million dollar business...
Once you dive into the Living Your Success Signature Business10-Module Online Video Coaching Program… 

It’s like having my two decades as a millionaire-maker business strategist and 10-year prowess as CEO of my multimillion dollar business in your back pocket!

This is the program which thousands have used to create a quickening in their business that almost seems miraculous...

You will be joining the next generation of successful business owners and millionaires in a paradigm of business that unites creativity, intuition, heart and business. 
You'll be empowered through this online video coaching program to create an unstoppable force of inner transformation and new levels of wealth and expression most people would say are impossible.

Plus it can create a sense of deep purpose while changing the planet for the better and manifesting a healthy 6 or even 7-figure income.

When you journey through all 10 modules in this powerful online video coaching program, you will walk away with a crystal-clear roadmap to your new, successful, accelerated business-from-the-heart business.  
Your Tribe Is Waiting For You… 
They NEED You
Did you know you have a tribe WAITING FOR YOU? 

You read that correctly; your audience and customers are patiently waiting for the solutions YOU are offering.

In fact, I would go so far as to say THEY NEED YOU.

Without your products and services, they will have a harder time getting to where they need to go.

With your activated Success Signature Codes, you will attract this customer base to you now.

And through all 10 modules of this program, you will have an authentic, transformative and transparent conversation with them… 

So they feel safe and WANT YOU and your products.
And here’s the BEST part...
The Stuck, Self-Sabotaging Cycle of Overwhelm Completes. It Stops HERE.
There may have been things stopping you or slowing you down in the past.

If you're like many business owners and entrepreneurs, you have blind spots, old patterns of beliefs that have kept you stuck.

Maybe you've felt overwhelmed by the daily challenges and busy work you face in your business, frustrated with your lack of progress.

This overwhelm often comes from the sense of “not knowing what you don’t know;” then the fear of the unknown gets overlaid, contributing to the molasses-like slowing of your progress.

What we have discovered is… once the Success Codes are activated through these 10 modules of the Living Your Success Signature Business Program…
  • When you act, it is right, true, on the mark... and works
  • You’re able to access your wellspring of inner mastery, inner clarity and receive plain concise answers as to which strategies and tactics will WORK for you and your clients. 
  • This creates a palpable quickening in your business
I am Stepping Up; I am Here to Hold Your Virtual Hand...
I’ve done all the heavy lifting of all the figuring out.

I’ve seen, done, and tried it all; and I’m showing you the things to avoid and the quickest paths to success.

I’m applying the hidden pieces of the inner game that change the entire process of success… and rewrite all the marketing and business books to what success really is.
Once you start diving into the video modules, you’ll build upon each one to create a wave of insights, inner access, motivation and confidence.

You’ll achieve the abundance and satisfaction which comes from being of service while generating BIG income.

You’ll receive the exact information and step-by-step formulas for becoming something you thought was reserved only for the "lucky ones."

The simple yet profound insights you’ll engage in, PLUS the healing and transformation…

Will empower you to tap into the energetic signature of YOU, not someone else's formula for success. 

PLUS, you will experience this powerful, life-changing transformation all within the comfort of your own home or office!

Just imagine what this Success Signature program will do for your business, your life, and the planet…
My desire is for you to become filled with unshakable confidence and an unstoppable inner vision which allows you to see and claim your future business with crystal-clear clarity. 
Watch What Others Are Saying About
Living Your Success Signature Business...
“I’ve been doing business online for a really long time and I’ve seen a lot of people come in and out of our industry and do business several different ways and it was so great to watch Jennifer McLean to come onto the scene and then dominate because she totally knows what she’s doing. And I’m finding myself having conversations with her about ‘What should I do next?’ and ‘How should I do this?’ because she has this ability to know what to do, how to teach it and how to see in you what you’re capable of doing. And I think that’s really one of her amazing and unique gifts - to be able to have a conversation with you and see your essence and to be able to give you business coaching around that. That’s an amazing tool and that’s not something that every business coach can do. So, if you’re looking at moving your business up to the next level, take advice from someone who has done that for herself and for others, repeatedly - Jennifer McLean is a resource you absolutely want to be involved with.”

~Bob Doyle
“Jennifer activated my Success Signature and my business went to five-times the income - over seven and a half figures a year. She has been a guide for me and lifted me into a world of business and possibility and being who I came here to be and I am I forever grateful, eternally grateful for her gift to me. Jennifer with business is like taking the cream, of the cream, of the cream of the crop and what you get with this Success Signature program is this refined, easy to follow, most incredible activations and downloads and business sense and Credibility Branding… She take everything she learned in 32 years of business and refined it down into this program.”

~Rikka Zimmerman
"If you are looking for how to successfully launch a new product, company or concept with a small budget, Jennifer McLean shows you how."

~Jay Conrad Levinson
The Father of Guerrilla Marketing. Author, Guerrilla Marketing series of books. Over 14 million sold; now in 42 languages
This Is For You If You're Ready…
To take your most brilliant idea, the one you know could change hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives, and finally bring it to fruition, bring it fully to market...

To move your current, one-client-at-a-time service model and leverage it into a “make an income while you sleep” business...

To take that book you’ve almost finished and not only get it out there, but make real money from it...

To GROW... Maybe you have a business and you KNOW it can grow exponentially and you're scratching your head as to why it hasn’t yet...

To completely overcome the overwhelm of not knowing where to start, what to put to market and when, and get to that place of clarity and confidence...

To work from a place of flow, ease and compassion...

To make a true difference in your life, your family's life and the lives of your customers...

To create a self-funding business (you don’t need capital infusion or a loan to start and run your business)... you’re looking to start earning income immediately...

Be truly in command of (instead of controlled by) a powerfully successful business, so that YOU have IT instead of it owning you...

To step up your business to a whole new volume, a new level of expression and profit, without sacrificing your time, energy and money...

To learn the succinct, easy and incredibly creative process of developing and delivering products...

To discover who your customers REALLY are, PLUS, achieve an advanced level of understanding on HOW to get YOU out there...

To leverage my personal journey as a multi million-dollar entrepreneur and the thousands of entrepreneurs who’ve contributed to the discovery of these Success Signature Codes...

To ACTIVATE your Success Signature... initiating that pure potentiality within you to make a difference, activating Success Signature Code #1, The Triple Prosperity Multiplier, and ignite your purpose, wealth and success beyond anything you have previously imagined...
The Success Signature Program isn't 
just "a" solution for you...
It's the PERFECT solution for you!
The Inner Game & Healing + Proven, Practical Business Strategies Create A Force of Accelerated Success
The inner game of business is a key piece to the puzzle of success, and you have been guided here to be part of a revolution to create business-from-the-heart.

It takes accessing this inner piece of you, your Success Signature, to uplevel or start your business. It is the key to:
  • Taking an idea and launching it into a waiting and willing tribe to create a thriving business that makes a difference
  • Taking your gifts, bringing them to market, doing what you love -- AND making a solid income doing so
  • Adding YOU, your unique potentiality, your distinctive contribution into your business so that abundance is easy, decisions become no brainers, and there is more ease and grace in the process... running business at a saner, safer pace
  • Releasing old events, traumas and patterns—that can be ongoing obstacles to your success—opening the door to unlimited possibilities
I remember facing overwhelming and stressful moments in my entrepreneurial life…

I realized I wanted to create a solution for those of you who, like me, wanted to make a difference but didn’t want to sacrifice myself in the process.
So I created a program which combines YOUR inner brilliance and mastery with a bit of healing and the sound business practices I gained in Corporate America
For more than a decade of my 30-year career as a business strategist, I worked with technology startups and gained the most amazing insights about the cycles of business, what to launch and when.

When I started my own company, I combined that sound business formula with the inner game of business-from-the-heart and activated my Success Signature, making my first million in 18 months… 

And now, 25 million dollars later, I haven’t looked back.

Living Your Success Signature Business is a Hybrid Business / Healing video coaching program based on the system which launched hundreds of multimillion-dollar businesses...

And has supported thousands of entrepreneurs.

It delivers my proven, strategic business system, “Credibility Branding,” which helped launch Yahoo! Canada, the USB flash drive technology, and a whole new paradigm of media in the wellness space.

The Credibility Branding model includes powerful, business-growing tactics and strategies that work in the real world of business.

And this video program provides a healing platform through my acclaimed, proprietary Spontaneous Transformation Technique—an established and proven 20-year healing system.

You can play with each module, experience the transformation and apply the grounded business strategies at your own pace, in your home, at the tempo of your business.

You’ll now know who you are and why your are doing what you are doing…

AND… you become unstoppable.
Here's Everything You Get When You Invest in This Exclusive Opportunity:
Living Your Success Signature Business
10-Module Online Home Study Video
Coaching Program
A. The Living Your Success Signature Business Program

B. HUGE whack of SIX business-accelerating BONUSES (you won’t believe it)

C. Access to the Success Signatuature Facebook community

D. SUPER BONUS to our LIVE Success Attunement Event
Let me break this down for you:
The Living Your Success Signature Business 10-Module Online Video Coaching Home Study Program
This is the program which launched thousands of entrepreneurs on a trajectory to 6 and 7-figure success. (And even a couple of 8-figure successes!) 

This is your time to... refine your copywriting, PR and message development for content and sales messages that fully express YOU while enticing customers.

You have been looking for... the secret to driving a volume of the right customers and traffic from the right places to a message which completely resonates with them.

Now is your turn to shine... I mean really rise above the crowd and be seen as the leader and “instigator of innovation” that you are.

You want to really understand... how to keep the customers you already have and, in turn, ignite them into “super supporters.”

What’s different about this program is I’m guiding you to BE... and really bring the magic of YOU into your business (which is THE key to quickening success).

This refined and proven program is here for you to create a foundation of access and connection to you, your business, your partners and your customers...

This formula fundamentally makes you an UNSTOPPABLE force of change and transformation AND creates a marked increase in your bank account.

Ultimately contributing, through your business-from-the-heart, to your financial wealth, and the well-being of your customers, creating ripples on the planet.
Not only will you receive this powerful home study business accelerator, but included is a ridiculous bundle of 6 powerful, business-boosting BONUSES…
BONUS 1: 6 Months of LIVE, Interactive Monthly Group COACHING With Me & My Team


OMG… this is off the charts… you will become a member of Success Signature Labs Membership and receive 6 Months of live group coaching with me, Jennifer, AND my team.

Yep, every month you’ll get to coach with me ONLINE, for 6 months as part of Success Signature Labs Membership! 

This is live and interactive group coaching... you raise your virtual hand and I work with you directly. You can ask me those questions about YOU and your company, share your wins, brainstorm your ideas...

You can bounce ideas off of me, celebrate your success, ask the questions that have been itching at you and let me spot coach you into your Success Signature Business.

AND, as part of this, you also get to coach with my expert team each month. Yep, the team from my company. Ask your tech questions, your design questions, your abundance questions, your operations questions, your funnel questions. 

PLUS, you'll work with my extraordinary CEO Coach, MaryCay Durrant, AND my abundance coach and amazing healer, Mary A. Hall (this is super rare). .
BONUS 2: Exploring Your Unique Entrepreneurial Persona Type Report


I've identified 6 Unique Entrepreneurial Persona Types. With this bonus, you’ll discover who you are and which entrepreneurial type you are.

With an understanding of your type, you'll start to get why the things you may have tried aren’t working, and how to turn it around for your particular persona type.

This is your chance to gain instant clarity on your best qualities and how to avoid the potential “blocks” of your unique blind spots which correspond to your entrepreneurial persona type in business. Discover how to run your business YOUR way, quickening success instinctively.

Knowing your type gives you a HUGE leg up and accelerates your business because it delivers insights on YOU and the person you are as an entrepreneur. 

It also reveals your blind spots, what’s holding you back and why, AND real strategies on how to change this with clarity. This is head-slapping, “I can’t believe I didn’t see that before,” stuff.
BONUS 3: Online Facebook Advertising Training


WHAT?! IT’s TRUE… You will receive exclusive and powerful, step-by-step Facebook ad training — an online program that shows you EXACTLY how to find customers through Facebook Advertising. 

I mean exactly because we show you exactly where to go on Facebook, how to set everything up, including which buttons to push to drive real traffic/customers to your amazing Success Signature products and services.
BONUS 4: Your Personal Success Code Strategy Session


Your Success Code Strategy Session is a special one-on-one coaching with one of our Success Coaches. This amazing bonus will be waiting for you as soon as you register… simply fill out the application.

In this free Success Code Strategy Session, you will work with your own coach to determine the next best steps, the strategies that will work for you and your type, and how to apply the Living Your Success Signature Business Home Study Program most successfully.

WOW, imagine your own coach playing with you as soon as you register. YEAH!
BONUS 5: Chance for a 1-on-1 Coaching Session on Jenn's Podcast - Only Living Your Success Signature Business Students are Eligible


This is a unique and rare opportunity to receive direct, one-on-one coaching from me... just you and me on the phone. AND you will ALSO have the chance to promote your growing business through my podcast show on iTunes. 

Some Success Signature Customers have been sharing that they would LOVE extra support and are wanting a little jump-start. If this is you, you can ask me those burning questions directly and leverage my normally 5-figure, millionaire-making entrepreneurial guidance.

I have NEVER BEFORE offered this kind of intimate, one-on-one coaching at no charge. This is YOUR CHANCE to play directly with me on a personal, ONE-ON-ONE business coaching phone call ABSOLUTELY FREE.

[NOTE: We are currently taking applications for this process from our Living your Success Signature customer base.. so it's first come, first serve!]
BONUS 6: Back On Track - Light You Up Quickening


Powerful, silver bullet healing to use over and over…

You’ll receive an Mp3 download of this laser-focused healing audio. 

You can use this at each step of the way... in every module... for every execution... to remind you of what the next step is and what lights you up so you can stay on track.
PLUS… Private Success Signature Facebook Community 
Access to our private Success Signature Facebook Group so you can connect and network with like-minded business owners and find your future partners.
AND... D
TWO Tickets to The Business Profit Success Attunement HEALING Event - WOW!


NO WAY… YES WAY… TWO tickets to our Business Profit Success Attunement Event
A life-changing, 3-day event with me (Jennifer McLean) and "Queen of Abundance" Mary A. Hall in-person to assist you in healing into success and profit.

Just for purchasing today, you will receive these two tickets (taking place in Los Angeles) where you’ll receive LIVE, in-person Healing-Into-Success. 

If you’re struggling in ANY way, here is your chance to receive 3 full days of healing and transformation. 

AND you get to hang out with other leading entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals to network and share ideas. 

This is the event of the year and you’ll go FREE. These tickets are worth $997 each and you’ll not only get one ticket, you’ll get another to bring a colleague or friend.

Mary and I will be guiding you through success healings and even special success and abundance attunements. 

These attunements are like Reiki attunements except that they energetically unlock dormant parts of your success and abundance, becoming permanent block dissolvers.

We’ve had hundreds of individuals experience miracles of abundance and business breakthroughs... 

In fact, at least two participants got out-of the-blue calls saying they received a $30k windfall during the 3 day healing event. For real!
To Recap… You receive ALL 6 of the bonuses above PLUS the SUPER BONUS in-person Success Attunement Event AND the 10-Module Living Your Success Signature Video Coaching Home Study Program! 
Let’s Take A Quick Tour of the Living Your Success Signature Home Study Program...
This 10-module course covers exactly what you need to take your business to the next level…

It ignites all your Success Signature codes.

And allows you to discover you, your genius, your potential in the process...

To do what lights you up…

Contribute to your tribe…

And change the planet.

Plus, it shows you how to follow the energy of success, so you are always on track, in ease and grace…
Module 1: Your Success Signature Activation, The Easy Button...
Yep, your personal, unique purpose and gifts are about to be ACTIVATED, opened up and energized for permanent access to your distinctive, individuated success.

This is where the rubber meets the road; it is the catalyst that cracks open the acorn shell and sets free the potential of your genius.  

Your activated Success Signature becomes that powerhouse internal master available for you day and night, delivering clear guidance you can act upon with a sense of ease.

Your activated Success Signature is now the filter to use in your daily business to know what to do next and why.
Module 2: Igniting The Depth of Your Prosperity... 
You’ll be guided on how to design your business so it’s Good For YOU…

You’ll be activated to package and share your genius to ensure it’s Good For Your Customers... 

And you'll ignite through a clear declaration of your Success Signature and send forth into the world a ripple effect that beckons back to you your high frequency desires in an easy-to-assimilate set of resources which puts your business into high-pitched success

You are about to know who you are and what you are declaring to the world; this is your Success Signature in action. 
Module 3: Igniting & Collaborating With Your Ideal Client, Accelerated Innovation…
You’ll apply the most astounding advanced system for understanding your ideal customer, so you intuitively know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, which products and services “fall out” of your Success Signature and serve them fully.

That is the customer that is the perfect fit for you, for your Success Signature, and for your products and services.

Your new “best friend” ideal customer will be so seen by you, they can’t help but engage and invest in your business. 

With the knowledge and ignition of your ideal customer... the marketing conversation, strategies and tactics become inspired actions which are authentic and natural—NO MANIPULATION– just customers saying yes to YOU, and an easy sales rhythm that doesn’t feel like sales at all.
Module 4: Credibility Branding, The Millionaire Maker...
You're about to experience one of the most original business strategies I’ve ever created… Credibility Branding. 

This is a system of business marketing which I developed when working with startups in the tech industry to support the launch of Yahoo! Canada and the USB Flash Drive category.

It contains the very process I applied to make my first million in just 18 months and to accelerate to a 25 million dollar business.

It's THE game-changer.
Module 5: Your Signature Products, That Fly Off The "Shelf”
Imagine being able to confidently create products and services, or improve current ones, without hesitation or reservation? 

Products so innovative, they create a stir in the market and lead new trends.

I am about to show you a way to have ideas for impact-creating products and services that flow naturally from your Success Signature, enabling you to grow and scale your business organically, in a healthy creative way.

Now you’re creating innovative products which are aligned with your customers for accelerated success that WORKS.
Module 6: Think Like a Mogul... With Less Stress
You’ll discover how to overcome the reason most entrepreneurs fail and, instead, create the results you truly desire.

This is your chance to stop running yourself into the ground (by trying to do everything in your business yourself), but rather run a business with space, flow and abundance.

You will see how to amplify your impact on the planet by embracing your natural leadership abilities and you’ll have more space to ignite creative, fun and innovative market-changing strategies.
Module 7: Your Transformational Marketing Acceleration
You’ll be guided to know how to FULLY engage your customers and NOT MANIPULATE them. 

This is the next generation in copywriting coaching.

Copywriting is one of the MOST important parts of your business because it is THE conversation you are having with your customer. With this module, you’ll be having easy-to-create, authentic and moving conversations that have your customers loving you WHILE they are buying.

And there is a BONUS to this Module... One of the most renowned copywriters OF ALL TIME is giving a 90-minute workshop IN ADDITION to the refined, proven guidance found in the module. WOW!

Before you know it, you’ll be delivering inspirational yet highly persuasive and effective transformative marketing and copywriting that fully engages your tribe.
Module 8: A Brand, Look & Feel That Has Customers Saying YES!!
In Module 8, we guide you to succinct Branding, Logos & Elements of Web Design...

With our Success Signature system of branding, you won’t need to have a PHD in graphic design.

This module puts YOU in Your Brand, Look, and Feel, creating graphics which are obvious and compelling to customers.

The ideas and color schemes now fall out of your activated Success Signature; you’ll simply see it.

No more scratching your head on design... you will KNOW which design will work AND your customers will identify and feel safe with you...
Module 9: Big Sales From Trust & Safety
In Module 9, we'll help you build a Marketing Funnel.

You’ll create an income from day one through the 4 easy steps to creating a funnel for enrolling new clients and customers in a way that creates safety and long-term loyalty.

These are the powerful, step-by-step strategies that, combined with your Success Signature, bring in income immediately.

You will learn how to start generating revenue for your Success Signature Business from DAY 1 by creating a movement of customers who are engaged with you (not just paying you).
Module 10: Prosperity Machine, Success Signature Tactics & Funnels
In Module 10, you’ll gain an even deeper understanding of marketing funnels, what they are, how they work, and how to work them. 

This is your prosperity machine of tactics and strategies, but with a twist... YOU and your Success Signature are imbued in these funnels, creating long-term loyalty, not one-off sales.

Here, you will be able to rapidly identify which tactics to use, when, why, and where to best invest your energy.

Then, you’ll know how to prioritize for incurring the least amount of risk, the most money and highest levels of true success.
As you've probably noticed by now, the Success Signature program is, by far, the most advanced, yet easy to engage business coaching system on the market today…

And it offers that extra piece which is missing in most other programs... the inner game.

We activate, install, and ignite within you the clear pathway to access the unique master within, moving the needle on your business and transforming you, as you accelerate you, your customers and the planet.

This program gives you the freedom to experience a thriving, success-from-the-heart business which impacts thousands while doing what you LOVE with clarity, space AND LESS STRESS.

Interestingly, we have also proven that many Success Signature participants generated the income to pay for this program within the first module...

They created spontaneous marvels of new customers and markedly increased revenues after their Success Signature was activated in Module 1...

Which is amazing! They are SEEING and experiencing their business transform right before their eyes almost immediately…

And a sense of trust and calm fills their being, knowing they don't have to go into business decisions blindly anymore… No more crossed fingers.
Their "knower" (Success Signature) is working and it directs them perfectly.

Now, something I’ve learned from the students of Living Your Success Signature Business, something I was surprised by...

Many have paid 7 to 10 times more for coaching programs that seemed similar, however these students quickly got so lost and overwhelmed, they almost quit on their business.

Here’s the best part:

Those old programs that DIDN’T work before... 

Well they NOW WORK! 

Because with your Success Signature Codes #3 & #4 activated, you now know WHY you are creating the products and services and the marketing conversation.

Then, with the other 3 Success Signature Codes in operation, you can see clearly and receive fully.

With all these Success Codes ignited, you are aligned, you’re congruent, you're clear...

What’s My Investment Already???
OK, Let's talk about the price... 

This product is based on a program that I coached for an intimate group of individuals who actually paid $50,000 for a slightly more advanced version of what you are about to receive -- at a fraction (and I mean fraction) of the cost.

When I had my own consulting agency, my corporate business strategy clients paid $150,000 or more for this same Success Signature protocol and business strategies.

Now the retail value we have set for this is $1,497 (But it’s going to be WAY LESS for you!)

Yet, you are not just receiving the Living Your Success Signature Business Home Study Video Coaching Program today...

Remember... You ALSO Receive ALL 6 Bonuses—Including 6-months Live Group Coaching With Me, PLUS The SUPER Bonus 2 Tickets To The Success Attunement Event
Yep, I’m giving you these SIX additional value-added bonuses, plus the Super Bonus, AND access to our Facebook community free of charge, just to help you get to your 6 or 7-figure business even faster.

You should see by now why Living Your Success Signature Business Home Study Video Coaching Program is valued at $1,497. Even without the bonuses, it is a steal...

THEN, when you add in the bonuses, the retail of Living Your Success Signature Business is $7,470 (Bonuses) + $1,497 (LYSSB) =


Why SUCH a MASSIVE Discount?
Let me share my vision with you: 

It's a CAUSE to which I am inviting you to join today, along with the thousands of others who are...

Creating a Success Signature Business that is fully balanced within the Triple Prosperity Multiplier of “it’s good for you, it’s good for your customers, and it’s good for the planet” and... and you are Making THE Difference...

The more of us who run a business based on our authentic selves and gifts, the more that very contribution will change this whole dang thing on this planet.

Imagine a world where entrepreneurs run a business-from-the heart that makes a huge difference as they actually have the space to care for their customers… 

All this, while ALSO having the tools to become influencers, maybe even leaders, in their own right from this place of sound business content combined with knowing and compassion, with all 5 Success Signature Codes activated?

And imagine that they generate so much income, they can give back in other ways, philanthropically…

While creating environments and company cultures that are shining standards of a new paradigm of employers.

I want you to join this movement and I don't want finances to stop anyone.

I had to make sure a huge audience could receive these proven, life-changing secrets to create a transformation in business that has NEVER been experienced to this point on this planet.

And YOU are that CATALYST FOR CHANGE. (There are no accidents you are reading these words!)
So, this cause has such a deep meaning to me, so much so, that you receive a MUCH LOWER cost...
For The… Living Your Success Signature Business Home Study Online Video Coaching Program, Plus 6 Bonuses AND The Super Bonus
Your Investment today is only...


You read that right... 
You SAVE... 97%
Plus My Triple Guarantee... 
Just try Living Your Success Signature 
Business for 45 days...
1) If you don’t experience a noticeable change in your business


If you don’t see a change in the way you feel; less stress and easier decision making…


2) If you don’t find our program top-notch – meeting your complete satisfaction... 


3) Even if you don't like my voice or my sense of humor (or some of the bleeped out content) I use in the video modules

It doesn't matter... I'll refund your money…
Yep, try it risk-free today! 

I believe in this program so much that I'm giving it to you at my risk, not yours!"
No questions asked, no hassles, and no hard feelings
6 Months, No Interest Payment Plan
(Pay Pal Credit Is For U.S. Residents Only)
This is your opportunity to apply for “PayPal Credit,” and pay NOTHING today, make no payments, and no interest for 6 months.

With this $297 credit option, you get complete and full access to Living Your Success Signature Business Home Study Video Coaching Program, plus the 6 powerful bonuses AND 2 tickets to the live Healing into Success Event...yet YOU PAY NOTHING TODAY!

You have NO payments and ZERO interests for 6 months. 

See terms at PayPal during checkout.
Taking Action Today…
Just by taking action today, the ENTIRE Success Signature System program, with all the bonuses, PLUS the Super Bonus of 2 FREE Tickets to a live, REAL WORLD, in-person healing event, is yours for only $297…

You know my colleagues in the industry are shaking their heads at this huge discount... They have said, “What the heck are you doing, practically giving away THIS amazing program!”

I tell them I can’t help it; this transformational material HAS TO get out there (and YOU get to benefit).

Remember: along with all the bonuses, you'll also be receiving...

The Full 10 modules of the Living Your Success Signature Business Home Study Video Coaching Program...

The signature system that is changing the face of business AND profit today for thousands of entrepreneurs. And creating healing and alignment for deep ease and knowing in your business.

I am so delighted at who you are about to become!

In deep gratitude for all you are up to,
Jennifer McLean
Author, Speaker, Healer, Entrepreneur
CEO, McLean MasterWorks
Inventor, Credibility Branding
Healer, Spontaneous Transformation Technique
Host, Healing With The Masters
I’ve have had the hardest time keeping this information, these tools and activations to myself.  

When I happened upon this product through that dark night of the soul when I was almost living in my car, I knew that one day I HAD to share this...


And that day is today...

This offer, along with all the bonuses, will be available for a VERY limited time.

Don't miss your chance to receive all 10 modules of the Living Your Success Signature Business Online Video Coaching Program and experience complete transformation.
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